Version 0.11.0

Release date: 2020-02-05

New features

Bug fixes

Version 0.10.0

Release date: 2019-08-07

New features

API changes

Bug fixes

  • Prevent building the image as root if –user-id and –user-name are not specified in PR #676 by @Xarthisius.

  • Add bash to Dockerfile to fix usage of private repos with git-crendential-env in PR #738 by @eexwhyzee.

  • Fix memory limit enforcement in PR #677 by @betatim.

Version 0.9.0

Release date: 2019-05-05

New features

  • Support for julia Project.toml, JuliaProject.toml and Manifest.toml files in PR #595 by @davidanthoff

  • Set JULIA_PROJECT globally, so that every julia instance starts with the julia environment activated in PR #612 by @davidanthoff.

  • Update Miniconda version to 4.6.14 and Conda version to 4.6.14 in PR #637 by @jhamman

  • Install notebook into notebook env instead of root. Activate conda environments and shell integration via ENTRYPOINT in PR #651 by @minrk

  • Support for .binder directory in addition to binder directory for location of configuration files, in PR #653 by @jhamman.

  • Updated contributor guide and issue templates for bugs, feature requests, and support questions in PR #654 and PR #655 by @KirstieJane and @betatim.

  • Create a page naming and describing the “Reproducible Execution Environment Specification” (the specification used by repo2docker) in PR #662 by @choldgraf.

API changes

Bug fixes

  • Install IJulia kernel into ${NB_PYTHON_PREFIX}/share/jupyter in PR #622 by @davidanthoff.

  • Ensure git submodules are updated and initilized correctly in PR #639 by @djhoese.

  • Use as source for the debian jessie based legacy buildpack in PR #633 by @betatim.

  • Update to version 5.7.6 of the notebook package used in all environments in PR #628 by @betatim.

  • Update to version 5.7.8 of the notebook package and version 2.0.12 of nteract-on-jupyter in PR #650 by @betatim.

  • Switch to newer version of jupyter-server-proxy to fix websocket handling in PR #646 by @betatim.

  • Update to pip version 19.0.3 in PR #647 by @betatim.

  • Ensure ENTRYPOINT is an absolute path in PR #657 by @yuvipanda.

  • Fix handling of –build-memory-limit values without a postfix in PR #652 by @betatim.

Version 0.8.0

Release date: 2019-02-21

New features

  • Add additional metadata to docker images about how they were built PR #500 by @jrbourbeau.

  • Allow users to install global NPM packages: PR #573 by @GladysNalvarte.

  • Add documentation on switching the user interface presented by a container. PR #568 by user:choldgraf.

  • Increased test coverage to ~87% by @betatim and @yuvipanda.

  • Documentation improvements and additions by @lheagy, @choldgraf.

  • Remove f-strings from code base, repo2docker is compatible with Python 3.4+ again by @jrbourbeau in PR #520.

  • Local caching of previously built repostories to speed up launch times by @betatim in PR #511.

  • Make destination of repository content in the container image configurable on the CLI via --target-repo-dir. By @yuvipanda in PR #507.

  • Expose CPU limit settings for building and running containers. By @GladysNalvarte in PR #579.

  • Make Python 3.7 the default version. By @yuvipanda and @minrk in PR #539.

API changes

Bug fixes

  • In some cases the version of conda installed in images was not pinned and got upgraded by user actions. Fixed in PR #576 by @minrk.

  • Fix an error related to checking if debug output was enabled or not: PR #575 by @yuvipanda.

  • Update nteract frontend to version 2.0.0 by @yuvipanda in PR #571.

  • Fix quoting issue in GIT_CREDENTIAL_ENV environment variable by @minrk in PR #572.

  • Change to using the first 8 characters of each Git commit, not the last 8, to tag each built docker image of repo2docker itself. @minrk in PR #562.

  • Allow users to select the Julia when using a requirements.txt by @yuvipanda in PR #557.

  • Set JULIA_DEPOT_PATH to install packages outside the home directory by @yuvipanda in PR #555.

  • Update to Jupyter notebook 5.7.4 PR #519 by @minrk.

Version 0.7.0

Release date: 2018-12-12

New features

API changes

Bug fixes

Version 0.6

Released 2018-09-09

Version 0.5

Released 2018-02-07

Version 0.4.1

Released 2018-09-06

Version 0.2

Released 2018-05-25

Version 0.1.1

Released 2017-04-19

Version 0.1

Released 2017-04-14