This roadmap collects “next steps” for repo2docker. It is about creating a shared understanding of the project’s vision and direction amongst the community of users, contributors, and maintainers. The goal is to communicate priorities and upcoming release plans. It is not a aimed at limiting contributions to what is listed here.

Using the roadmap#

Sharing Feedback on the Roadmap#

All of the community is encouraged to provide feedback as well as share new ideas with the community. Please do so by submitting an issue. If you want to have an informal conversation first use one of the other communication channels. After submitting the issue, others from the community will probably respond with questions or comments they have to clarify the issue. The maintainers will help identify what a good next step is for the issue.

What do we mean by “next step”?#

When submitting an issue, think about what “next step” category best describes your issue:

  • now, concrete/actionable step that is ready for someone to start work on. These might be items that have a link to an issue or more abstract like “decrease typos and dead links in the documentation”

  • soon, less concrete/actionable step that is going to happen soon, discussions around the topic are coming close to an end at which point it can move into the “now” category

  • later, abstract ideas or tasks, need a lot of discussion or experimentation to shape the idea so that it can be executed. Can also contain concrete/actionable steps that have been postponed on purpose (these are steps that could be in “now” but the decision was taken to work on them later)

Reviewing and Updating the Roadmap#

The roadmap will get updated as time passes (next review by 31st January 2019) based on discussions and ideas captured as issues. This means this list should not be exhaustive, it should only represent the “top of the stack” of ideas. It should not function as a wish list, collection of feature requests or todo list. For those please create a new issue.

The roadmap should give the reader an idea of what is happening next, what needs input and discussion before it can happen and what has been postponed.

The roadmap proper#

Project vision#

Repo2docker is a dependable tool used by humans that reduces the complexity of creating the environment in which a piece of software can be executed.


The “Now” items are being actively worked on by the project:

  • reduce documentation typos and syntax errors

  • increase test coverage to 80% (see for low coverage files)

  • mounting repository contents in locations that is not /home/jovyan

  • investigate options for pinning repo2docker versions (#490)


The “Soon” items are being discussed/a plan of action is being made. Once an item reaches the point of an actionable plan and person who wants to work on it, the item will be moved to the “Now” section. Typically, these will be moved at a future review of the roadmap.

  • create the contributor highway, define the route from newcomer to project lead

  • add Julia Manifest support (, #486)

  • support different base images/build pack stacks (#487)


The “Later” items are things that are at the back of the project’s mind. At this time there is no active plan for an item. The project would like to find the resources and time to discuss and then execute these ideas.

  • support execution on a remote host (with more resources than available locally) via the command-line

  • add support for using ZIP files as the repo (repo2docker